VMware Server 2.0: It’s Finally Here!

I’ve been anxiously watching and waiting for VMware’s update to their free server virtualization platform, VMware Server. Being someone who works in the tech industry (and being a self-professed techie) I rely on the ability to create a virtual environment for testing. Once I moved to linux as my primary OS, virtualization became even more important as there’s still software out there that I need which only runs on windows. Why use VMware Server? Why not VMware Player? The main reason is that unlike VMware Player, VMware Server can create virtual images out of the box. On top of that, VMware Server can keep those images running even after you log off of the host machine.

So a few notable updates you’ll find in VMware Server is that everything has been moved into a web browser. Instead of a console opening up when you run VMware, you actually connect to the service by pointing your browser to it. Even the virtual machine console runs in a browser window. Another nice feature is the handling of VMware image permissions. You can now easily manage and provision permissions to virtual machines via the updated administration dashboard.



Overall, it’s a great update with a lot of nice new features. The only bug I’ve encountered so far (at least on a linux host) is an error when attempting to grant another user access to a virtual machine after another user has already been added. You’ll recieve the error “RuntimeFault: Database temporarily unavailable or has network problems.” Hopefully this will be ironed out in the next update. Until then, a work around can be found here.

VMware Server [You’ll need to register in order to download]


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