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Mount and Unmount ISO Files on Linux

Need access to files in an ISO on your linux machine? Simply use the MOUNT command to mount that iso as a directory.

First create a directory to mount the ISO to. In this example, we’ll create the directory in the /mnt directory. Make sure you’ve got write permissions on the directory where you’ll be creating the new directory.

mkdir /mnt/SomeISO

Now you can mount the ISO onto the newly created directory

mount -o loop -t iso9660 /tmp/some.iso /mnt/SomeISO

That’s it. You can now navigate to the directory (CD /mnt/SomeISO) to access the files in the ISO you just mounted.

To unmount the iso, use UMOUNT command:

umount /mnt/SomeISO


Ctrl+Alt+Delete Through Terminal Services

How do you send the ctrl+alt+delete command to a machine that you’re remotely connected to through Terminal Services or Remote Desktop? Simply hit ctrl+alt+end and this will send the ctrl+alt+delete command to the remote machine.

Who Will Own Your Online Identity?

And the battle for your online identity heats up! In the blue corner: Google Friend Connect. In the red corner: Facebook Connect. These new services allow websites to add social features to their site, allowing viewers to sign in and interact without having to create a user or account on that website.  Will Google or Facebook succeed where OpenID could not?