Oracle Puts Sun In Its Pocket

This morning, a piece of news hit me like a stack of bricks: Oracle will acquire Sun for approx $7.4 billion.

We can surmise that Oracle was licking its chops just thinking about MySQL complementing Oracle’s database business. Another huge gain for Oracle is Java, which is what Oracle based their middleware strategy on.

This being an identity management blog, I need to put the question out there. What are the ramifications of this acquisition do in the identity space? Is Oracle now the official big man on campus? Has this effectively strengthened Oracle’s weakness in their Identity Management offering (mainly role management)?


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  1. Azeem on

    This techcrunch article indicates that the relationship is more about Sun’s hardware, and being able to bundle oracle software with Sun hardware. I imagine the phasing out of any redundant sun products, merging of those teams (including shedding some jobs).

    If I was a company that just bought a Sun Identity Product I would be very weary about support being dropped.

    I do think this marriage makes for a better couple than IBM and Sun would have.

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  3. dbametrix on


    Excellent sharing. Thanks for same.


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